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What types of products need to use PCB circuit boards



PCB generally refers to hard circuit boards, used in desktop computer motherboards, computer mouse boards, discrete graphics cards, office supplies, copiers, printers, remote controllers, various charging heads, calculation methods, digital cameras, voice recorders, TV motherboards, Comparison of limited TV amplifiers, mobile phones, automatic washing machines, electronic scales, telephones, LED lamps, household appliances: air conditioners, household refrigerators, speakers, MP3; mechanical equipment, GPS, cars, instrumentation equipment, medical equipment, airports , Military equipment, cruise missiles, communication satellites, etc. (There is also an APCB which is also made. It is also a circuit board, which is only soft. For example, the power circuit between the flip phone connection cover and the key is a flexible circuit board).

The main board of the mobile phone and the functional keyboard are plastic bed boards; the connecting line of the sliding cover mobile phone or the flip mobile phone is a flexible circuit board. The controller generally uses a carbon film board. From top to bottom, the upper board of the mobile phone is a radio frequency circuit, a circuit, an audio power supply circuit, and a sequential logic circuit.

Generally, only heating electric kettles do not have a circuit board, and the power line support frame is immediately connected. The vertical water dispenser also has a circuit board. Electric rice cookers generally have pcb circuit boards, induction cookers have pcb circuit boards, and electric fans have pcb circuit boards, but they are generally used for variable speed, timing execution, and display of information. They have no specific effects on the operation of electric fans.

The above are common products that need to use PCB circuit boards. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of PCB circuit boards. For more information on PCB circuit boards, please contact Jingchuangda circuit board manufacturers. Jiangmen Jingchuangda Electronics Co., Ltd. is focused on high-precision single , Double-sided, multilayer circuit board production and sales enterprises. The company now has a high-quality, high-efficiency and experienced management team and technical personnel, with nearly 200 employees, and the factory building covers an area of more than 4,000 square meters. At present, it has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and UL certification. The products are now sold at home and abroad.

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