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Why are common circuit boards green


The green part is called solder mask, and the ingredients are resin and pigment, and the green part is green pigment. There are also various other colors, which are no different from decoration paint. The assembly solder is paste-like and flowable before it is printed on the circuit board. After it is printed on the circuit board, it is then "cured" so that the resin is cured and hardened by heat. The purpose of solder mask is to protect the circuit board from moisture, oxidation and dust. The areas that are not covered by the solder mask are usually referred to as pads, which are used for soldering solder paste.

Generally, we choose green because it is less irritating to the eyes, and the production and maintenance personnel will not be prone to eye fatigue when they are staring at the PCB board for a long time, and the eyes will be less harmful. Commonly used colors are yellow, black, and red. All colors are painted on the surface after they are manufactured.

There is another reason, because the commonly used color is green, so the factory spares more green paint, so the cost of oil is relatively low. And because when repairing the PCB board, different wiring is easier to distinguish the difference from white, while black and white are relatively difficult to see. In order to distinguish its own product grade, each factory uses two colors to distinguish high-quality series and low-end series. For example, it is common that the yellow board is low-end and the blackboard is high-quality.

The above is the reason why the circuit board is green. I believe everyone has a certain understanding of the circuit board. For more information on the circuit board, pay attention to Jingchuangda circuit board manufacturer.

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