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About circuit board processing technology introduction



The circuit board processing market is constantly developing, and the market space of the circuit board application industry is continuously expanding. So, how much do you know about the circuit board processing technology? Next, follow us to understand the circuit board processing technology.

1. Pre-processing. Radiator, coil paint removal, etc. are pre-processed as required.

2. Familiar with all kinds of devices, promptly eliminate or rework devices with unqualified appearance.

3. The principle of insertion, the original should be installed from small to large, from left to right, and from top to bottom

4. The device logo should be placed outside for easy viewing

5. Originals with polarity, do not insert the wrong polarity

6. Before inserting, use high temperature single-sided adhesive tape to plug the hole positions and mounting holes of the components that have special requirements in the production process.

7. Except for special devices, the height of the triode tube from the board surface is 3-4 mm

8. Missing insertion, wrong insertion, reverse polarity are not allowed, and compliance is checked according to the work position map.

9. The protection board is clean and tidy during the inserting process to avoid scratches and bruises.

10. When pushing the board from one station to the next, you should carefully push slowly to prevent the board from overturning or pushing the inserted components.

The above is the introduction to the circuit board processing technology. If you want to know more circuit board information, you can pay attention to Jingchuangda circuit board manufacturer.

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